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Using your data plan

How do I use data on my new eSIM?

First make sure you have purchased a data plan from the Extreme Connect app. If it is your first data plan purchase you will be prompted to download your eSIM. Your plan will not become active until you have successfully downloaded your eSIM.

You can choose to activate your plan immediately, or later.

If you activate immediately, you'll be connected to the Extreme Connect network within a few seconds. Make sure the Data Roaming switch is ON when using a Extreme Connect plan.

To ensure your phone is using your new Extreme Connect eSIM data plan, and not your current physical SIM plan, select Extreme Connect as your default line for data.

You can switch between your eSIM & physical SIM data plans at any time, click here to see how. You can also allow both SIMs to be selected by your phone based on network coverage availability by enabling Data Switching.

If you need to change your SIM preferences, go to:

  • Settings

  • Mobile or Cellular

  • Mobile or Cellular data

  • Here you can switch your data source

To turn on data roaming, go to:

  • Settings

  • Mobile or Cellular

  • Mobile or Cellular plans

  • Extreme Connect

  • Toggle Data Roaming to on

To make sure you are connected to the Extreme Connect network you can check the Status icon at the top of your device.​​

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