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Transferring an eSIM

How to reinstall an eSIM profile to a new iPhone.

When only the new iPhone is present (old iPhone is not available).

  1. Download the Extreme Connect app from the App Store and install it on the new device

  2. Log in with your existing email and password

  3. Purchase a plan, which will install a new eSIM

  4. Active plans related to the old device are not transferred over

  5. Call Customer Service for further assistance. In the future, this will be fixed

When both the old and new iPhones are present.

  1. The old device must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or another cellular connection

  2. On the old device, delete the Extreme Connect eSIM (this can be done in the Mobile Data menu on the device). Please wait a maximum of 5 minutes

  3. On the new device, install Extreme Connect from the backup

  4. Ensure that Extreme Connect app is updated to the latest version

  5. Open the Extreme Connect app

  6. Since the install came from the backup, you do not need to login as you will already be logged in via the keychain that was copied over

  7. The device will say the eSIM is not installed via a red banner across the top

  8. You can reinstall the eSIM from the profile menu. Alternatively, purchasing a new plan will reinstall it *

  9. Any old plans that are still active from the old iPhone, will be transferred over to the new iPhone (it’s the same eSIM being installed)

*Note: You must complete the iOS buddy helper flow to reinstall the eSIM.



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