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Delayed activation feature

Delaying the start date of a plan.

You can buy a plan up to 30 days before you need to use it. This is great for people who travel and like to be prepared.

During checkout just tap “Activate now” and move the toggle button so it shows grey or “off”. You will then have up to 30 days before your plan becomes active automatically.

Once you've purchased your plan, the app will launch the eSIM helper, and guide you through the process of downloading a Extreme Connect eSIM profile onto your device.

When you land at your destination, open Extreme Connect and tap the local plan at the bottom of the dashboard and tap ‘Activate’, this will start the plan.*

*Make sure Data Roaming switch is ON for your Extreme Connect eSIM to start using your Extreme Connect plan abroad. This can be done through phone Settings > Mobile or Cellular > Extreme Connect plan > Data Roaming​​

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